The U2 Spy Plane


The U2 spy plane Incident had happened on May 1st, in 1960 when the pilot Gary Powers had been shot down. Powers was 1,200 miles into Soviet Russia airspace, near Sverdlovsk about 850 miles east of Moscow.

The U2 spy plane went down by a surface-to-air missle. It was constructed to be unassailable by conventional weapons. The major benefit of these high altitude planes was to stay above the enemeys fire. People think that if the U2 spy plane had been at its probably high and had been shot down that the pilot Gary Powers could have survived. They don't think that he would of died in the explostion or from the high of altitude [[#|ejection]].

President Eisenhower had been informed of the afternoon that contact had been lost with the U2 and that the plane was probably lost. Eisenhower had then announced there was to be an investigation into the incident. It was stated that it was possible for the weather plane to might have wondered into the Soviet [[#|air space]] by accident. They had thought that after pilot Gary Powers was having trouble with his oxygen equipment. Khruschev, the president of the Soviet Union had announced that the Soviet military had been shot down by the American spy plane and captured the pilot.

The downing of the U2 spy plane had sparked the battle between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S. it led to the collapse of the Paris Summit of the Cold War. The conference was help to forge agreements that would ease the hostilites and the suspicions of military build up and surprise attacks.


This image was an image of the [[#|newspaper article]] about the downing of the U2 Spy Plane.


This is one of the planes that had been blown up by the Soviet Union.


This is a map of the areas that the U2 spy plane had traveled.